Industrial Romance

Streets of New York, 2013

Photographs, archival pigment print on heavyweight cotton rag and/or aluminum/acrylic panel

Industrial Romance is series of images related to the essence of memory. It is based on photographs I've taken in New York City, where I had spent a great deal of my work and private life. Now that I live away from the city, I have new perspectives of my frequent visits. This series of images is my visualization of the essence of my impressions of life there. There is a sleek industial, gritty under layer that makes up my visual memory of NYC. Beneath those memories are impressions that are hard to define. I call these essences, much like a smell we can't define might trigger a memory from long ago.

The form of these images express the fast paced speed of daily life in the city, as we quickly pass by things only to absorb the essence of what just passed. The form is also a metaphor for how memories filter out the noise and insignificant details and leave us with certain romantic impressions of experiences.