This ongoing body of work dissects, expands and recasts the hidden vibrant under-layers of the utilitarian light sources we encounter and ignore while we travel at night. The subtractive multiple exposure process reveals a painterly essence transforming the light elements into abstract images reminiscent of brush strokes, spray paint, ink drawings and graffiti. The result is a new way to experience something we are all familiar with. The context is vaguely familiar, but by virtue of various multiple exposure combinations, a new 'reality' is revealed. Our raw footage yields organic motion and structures of light, provoking painterly gestures to express the hidden beauty of brief moments. The uncontrolled and random results fall in step with the intent to capture what is generally overlooked. Roadway/conversations seeks to turn what is usually ignored into an aesthetic which cannot be ignored.

Photographs, subtractive multiple exposure; archival pigment print on 360gsm cold press cotton rag.

Total edition of 20

  • 57x34in; edition of 3

  • 40x26in; edition of 12

  • Reserved edition of 5 for size and media requirements

  • 2 AP each

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