Close in detail of front and back of #1


Close in detail of front and back of #2



"Two Sides" is an effort to make painting and the photographic arts interdependent, where one can't exist without the other. It is a role reversal of the traditional methods and uses of both art forms. Small acrylic paintings are made that require the photographic process to enlarge and reveal them. The same photographic process can only come alive organically via the paintings.

Here, the negative in photography is replaced by the miniature acrylic paintings. And like negatives, there are two sides. However, one image is not a reverse of the other but a completely different yet similar image - shown side by side - a front and a back. One purposeful, one serendipitous. Much like what happens when enlarging a tiny photographic negative to see the magical hidden details, but getting two images off the same negative.

Like the paintings, the images are made into one-of-a-kind large acrylic face mounted photographic prints. The small "master negative" acrylic paintings are then broken into pieces (to symbolize the end of production) and travel with the work.

The details below each pair of paintings represent about one inch of the original paintings. The intense magnification reveals tiny details and nuances of the acrylic pigments that can only be seen when greatly enlarged by the photographic process.

Scale & Hanging

The two images are presented large, side by side as mirror images.