Built on the idea of transformation, these abstract contemporary architectural landscapes have a spacial and grand-scale essence, yet the irony is that they are created from everyday encounters with subway handles, ATM machines, fire hydrants, construction sites, antique door knobs, sidewalk grates, security fences, and many other mundane details of everyday street life. It is a tribute to the little things in life that we underestimate or ignore that become the foundation of our larger experiences.

Composite photographs, digital media

Dye sublimation on aluminum panels
Total edition: 18

  • 48x72, edition of 3

  • 40x60, edition of 5

  • 30x45, edition of 5

  • Reserved, edition of 5

  • AP, 2 at each size

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The metallic surface interacts with the environment and direction of light. They can be hung vertically or horizontally.