“Urban Redux” is a series of multiple exposures of fragments and layers of visual and textural elements of urban landscapes in the process of transience and decay. The images act as environmental portraits of pieces of landscapes collected "around the corner" – each in specific locations around the Lower East Side of New York City. They are transient because of exposure to weathering, painting over, removal, etc.. The images freeze the disintegrating visual elements, textures, architecture, surfaces, spraypaint, paint, stickers, cement, tar, diamond plate, street grates, etc., and preserves them in one window of vision. The central feature of a personal figure anchors the idea that the layers of texture are initiated by human interaction with an urban environment constantly in flux.

For me, photography is a platform to develop concepts that I transform, not to record or document as the end result. Urban Redux is my study of human creativity in need of expressing itself at the intersection of beauty and decay on the forbidden walls of New York City.

As a photographer/printmaker trained in darkroom, stone lithography and etching, I am intrigued by bridging the techniques. The digital platform has always allowed me to bring that all together with the sensibility of those classic techniques. In the case of Urban Redux, I print on untreated Arches rough watercolor paper for an authentic, tactile look and feel and sense of the aging of the environment.


Ongoing series

Composited photographs,
Archival pigment print on 360gsm cold press cotton rag.

Total edition of 45:

  • 40x52, edition of 5

  • 26x36, edition of 20

  • 22x30, edition of 20