Underlight Studies is ongoing black and white photographic study of light – the common thread that connects all photographic techniques. I am interested in light itself as the subject, getting down to it's purest essence; the thin line between energy and stillness. The images' randomness, shape, fleeting nature, simplicity and complexity, purpose and beauty (or lack of) are all features of the study. It is essential for me to apply the study as negative black and white, which shows these qualities in their very essence, undistracted by color and similar to drawn elements on paper. When making the images, the use of watercolor paper and the way it absorbs ink results in images that have a velvety, drawn, hand-inked quality influenced by different classical art and photographic printing techniques.

Photographs; archival pigment print on 360gsm cold press cotton rag.

Total edition of 20

  • 40x52, edition of 3

  • 26x36, edition of 7

  • 22x30, edition of 10

  • 2 AP each

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